Your Role: Operations

DAS Anywhere makes the job better for the people doing it. It offers an open door that will allow greater communication between drivers and depots, helping to improve staff happiness and retention.
Stronger reporting offers more transparency, meaning that if there is a problem, you can take corrective action earlier and apply training where it is needed.

Worksheet Manager

Worksheet Manager allows users to view and interrogate allocated and unallocated work, empowering staff to make better decisions. The system has been designed from the ground up to reflect current working practices in the UK bus industry, thereby simplifying and streamlining the processes bus operators undertake every day.

Auto Allocation

By levelling the playing field and making decisions based on logic, Auto Allocation is efficient and consistent. It allows the system to create productive allocations every time, allowing Operations staff to preserve control, manage the daily running of the depot, and hit KPIs, improving business performance.

Yard Manager

Yard Manager offers Operations staff the space to take a step back and see the bigger picture, understanding the impact that decisions have on passengers, other staff, and the bottom line. By putting staff right in the heart of the action, it makes it clear what’s happening as it’s happening.


OnBoard is a 24/7 traffic office, available whenever the driver needs. Designed to promote better communication, it creates a better, more flexible working environment, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced attrition.