Auto Allocation

Supercharge your team with Auto Allocation – a module for DAS Anywhere that makes allocation quicker and easier. It looks at predetermined criteria to efficiently allocate drivers to duties. Auto Allocation makes sure the right decision for the business and for the driver is made every time.

Auto Allocation is an enhancement to Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System (DAS), which automatically processes ‘forward’ duty allocation work as efficiently as possible, taking into account cost, availability, driver preference, constraints and skill set. By automating the bulk of forward allocation workload, depot managers always have a base allocation plan that ensures they have sufficient resource and can cover work effectively. It also serves as an early warning system, flagging any issues that could cause work to be left uncovered in time to be addressed.

With Auto Allocation, forward allocators can focus their time on improving an already efficient and consistent plan, delivering better results in terms of efficient duties that reduce operational expense.

Pre-Processing With Agreed Criteria

Auto Allocation’s pre-processing is based on agreed criteria including times, patterns, T&Cs and legislations and follows strict business processes to provide consistent, predictable and cost effective allocations.

Free Up Resources

Auto Allocation frees up allocations resource so that only the final pre-day and on the day allocation processing is done manually.

The core solution streamlines driver and traffic office interactions; and has been developed as an expanding platform – ensuring it grows to meet the driver interaction requirements of tomorrow and beyond.