User Forum 2021 Recap #1: DAS Anywhere Roadmap


DAS Anywhere: We’re on the Road

During this session, Product Manager Gavin John and Software Consultant Pete Adney presented the DAS Anywhere product roadmap for 2021-2023.

We have talked about the importance of client collaboration since the very start of the DAS Anywhere journey. This works both ways: we asked for your input into the product design, and we committed to transparency in relation to the development plan. This session contained clear information regarding what you expect to see – and crucially, when.

It is important to reiterate that the new DAS Anywhere modules discussed below are of course completely compatible with the existing DAS system.

New Module! DAS Anywhere Yard Manager – Available NOW!

Yard Manager is the first module to be released within DAS Anywhere, and represents a huge step towards mobilising bus operations.

Cloud-based and fully mobile, Yard Manager enables bus operators to transform the requirements of depot infrastructure, exchanging their traffic office infrastructure for Tablet PCs, dramatically reducing depot costs associated with managing vehicle roll-out and allocation, including buildings, power, desk space and more.

New Module! DAS Anywhere Fatigue Manager – Available December 2021

Fatigue Manager will be the next DAS Anywhere module released. It enables operations teams to harness a vast array of factors – including working patterns, commuting time, holiday allowance and personal circumstances – to proactively monitor drivers to ensure that they are fit to drive.

Crucially, because DAS already holds a vast amount of data on drivers, it can provide the most accurate picture of fatigue, enabling staff to take the proactive changes at the right time, improving the overall safety of operations and thereby minimising the devastating effects of driver fatigue.

New Module! DAS Anywhere Worksheet Manager – Available Late 2022

The next module you can expect to see within DAS Anywhere is Worksheet Manager, which captures all variations of duties, including recording any absences or duty swaps to ensure all drivers are paid correctly and legalities regarding minimum and maximum working hours are met.

Worksheet Manager will reduce workload by removing the requirement for staff to manually record duty variations and calculate pay – thereby eliminating human error, so drivers are paid correctly every time.

The system is configured by job role, so each user sees the screens they need to undertake the work they do. As a result, all user screens are cleaner and easier to navigate – enabling all staff to work as efficiently as possible.

New Module! DAS Anywhere Coach Module – Available Early 2023

Finally, Gavin revealed yet another new DAS Anywhere solution: Coach Module, which offers a complete management of coach services, from booking through to allocation.

With Coach Module, when an enquiry is received, the system generates a quote based on the duration of the booking, and number of vehicles and drivers, and amount of fuel, required. The system can directly send quotes, allocate vehicles, and invoice clients, enabling companies to run their bus operations and coach hire services from one fully integrated, streamlined system.

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