A New Approach to Morning Run-Out Can Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Typically, the morning run-out starts at 04:00 and ends at 07:00. During this time, the average depot must get 150 buses out. That is one bus every 72 seconds. In order to get these vehicles out and earning revenue, it’s imperative that everything runs as smoothly as possible. For years, the run-out has been managed from within the traffic office. But is there a better way?  

A New Solution

Yard Manager, a module for Trapeze’s industry-standard Duty Allocation System (DAS), is a new concept set to transform the nature of depots. It’s a mobile solution that breaks down physical barriers. It equips the run-out staff with DAS on a tablet, giving them the tools they need wherever they are.

Offering a birds-eye graphical representation of the depot, Yard Manager brings the traffic office out into the yard where it’s needed most. It allows staff to manage things in situ via a mobile device, meaning that important decisions can be made immediately and with more accuracy. This ensures buses can get out on the road earning fares as soon as possible.

Reduced Spending

Yard Manager brings the engineering department together with the traffic office, meaning both teams can work together quickly and efficiently whilst also reducing the need for costly physical infrastructure.

By embracing a new mobile future, operators can exchange the depot infrastructure for a tablet PC, dramatically reducing outgoings associated with real estate, buildings, power, desk space and more.

Manage Multiple Depots

Through Yard Manager’s digital interface, staff can effectively manage multiple depots from one location. This means that satellite depots can be run with the existing team, saving money on recruitment and staff costs.

Cost Savings Start Now

Yard Manager makes it easier to run a depot. It brings the engineering department together with the traffic office and allows the team to run operations more efficiently from the yard. Through this efficiency, plus reduced outgoings on physical offices space and the ability to manage multiple depots from one place, Yard Manager enables bus operators to enjoy the benefits of a truly modern, flexible working environment while delivering a clear return on investment.

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