Optimised Allocation Decisions Every Time with Auto Allocation

We all understand that efficient duty allocation is essential for the profitability of any bus operation. Optimised allocation controls driver pay – any bus operator’s largest cost – while ensuring efficient services meet passenger demand.

But we also know that duty allocation is a hugely demanding role – and in the pressure cooker of the traffic office, even the best allocators can struggle to balance forward allocation and on the day issues. This is a significant problem, because suboptimal and inconsistent decisions increase costs and reduce ridership – undermining profitability from both sides.

The Solution: Auto Allocation

Auto Allocation, a module for Trapeze’s industry-standard Duty Allocation System (DAS), ensures all allocation decisions are as efficient as possible, considering all available information including cost, route knowledge, driver preference, and driver shift patterns.

And because it makes decisions based on logic defined by the business, Auto Allocation chooses the best driver for a duty first time every time – thereby ensuring it meets driver needs, maximising their engagement levels, which has a direct impact on driver retention, performance, and sickness levels.

Auto Allocation works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not take holiday or fall ill. It streamlines daily operations and delivers clear return on investment through improved speed, consistency and efficiency of allocation decision making.

Additionally, by processing the bulk of ‘standard’ decisions, Auto Allocation supports existing allocators by enabling them to move their focus to the decisions that genuinely require human involvement, empowering them to focus on work that brings greater benefit to the organisation and better engagement with drivers.

Start Saving Now

Auto Allocation automates decisions based on operators’ own rules, rather than allocators’ individual preferences, thereby ensuring consistency of allocation. With all allocators operating at the same level, making the right decision for the business first time, Auto Allocation makes it possible to produce the most efficient duties in a fraction of the time it would take even the best human allocators.

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